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New York offers a wide range of historical interest, some of the areas include:
Art Museums, Galleries, Theatre, Arts & Crafts
Erie Canalway
Native Americans
Heritage Museums, Sites, Markers, Freethought Trail & Religious Revitalization
Underground Railroad - African American Heritage
Women's Rights
Agriculture including wineries
Miscellaneous Tourism Industry

Our next member meeting will be Wednesday, September 10, location to be determined. Committees will continue to meet via conference call during the summer. Contact the office today if you have not yet signed up for a committee.

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Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark
Henry Highland Garnet wrote to Frederick Douglas that there were "Two places where slaveholders cannot go: Heaven and Peterboro." Peterboro was a haven for the fugitives, and also a support center for the "Who's Who" list of national reformers. Imagine who stood on each of the two hundred year old brick's in Smith's Land Office. Elizabeth Cady met Henry Stanton here. Elizabeth Smith Miller created bloomers in Peterboro. ...visit us for more.
Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark
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